The iCoo Acrobat is BEST PRODUCT 2015/2016

We are proud that this is the second award for this great pram, awarded for high quality, design and ease of use.

Not only is the international Plus X Award Jury enthusiastic, but all those who appreciate glamour. The iCoo Acrobat impresses with its unmistakable style, extraordinary attention to detail and trend-setting design.

This stylish pram mediates a feeling of individuality and freedom, paired with ease of use and a dynamic look. The iCoo Acrobat is a modern accessory on a unique copper frame, which you don’t want to miss.

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The new iCoo Acrobat impresses with its unmistakable style, extraordinary attention to detail and trend-oriented design. The iCoo Acrobat collection sets new standards with its visionary profusion of ideas and passion for exclusivity.

  • Suspension System

    The iCoo Acrobat has a special suspension system, helping you negotiate uneven ground with ease. Pushing the iCoo Acrobat is virtually like walking on clouds.

  • Weight

    Whether on a shopping excursion or as your favourite daily companion – our super light iCoo Acrobat weighs in at only 9.5 kg.

  • Height Adjustable Push Handle

    Thanks to the dual height-adjustment feature of the push handle, you can set the handle height between 98 cm and 101.5 cm.

  • Swivel Wheels

    The front wheels rotate 360° and are lockable. The pushchair has been specially constructed with wheels that are larger at the front than at the rear. This makes it easy and steady to handle – especially on uneven ground.

  • Safety

    Apart from design and lightness, the most important thing is the safety of our little ones. Quality and durability have been tested by TÜV Austria. You can easily immobilise the pushchair anytime you want using the parking brake. The parking brake is easy to operate with one foot, and reliably immobilises the pushchair.

  • Canopy

    The large canopy provides perfect protection against the sun. But you can always keep an eye on your child through the viewing window. It is easy to unzip the rear section of the canopy for better air circulation.

  • Reflectors

    Reflectors make the pushchair easy to see in the dark, keeping you safe at all hours.

  • Foldable

    The pushchair folds up in seconds. This makes it easy to stow in a car or plane. It's just as easy to open it up again the iCoo Acrobat at your destination.


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